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 - Bridgewater, MA - Tuesday, February 27th 2018 at 6:30 PM

 - Boston, MA - Saturday, May 19th 2018 at 10:30 AM

posted Feb 25, 2018, 5:05 PM by Boston Cornhole

President's Day Weekend Cornhole Style!

There's been some clamoring for this blog (ok, one guy), but it's better for me to be one week late than your girlfriend, so relax!  On to the cornhole...the NBA wasn't the only one hosting a collection of All-Stars on President's Day Weekend.  The collection of talent in Wilmington, MA for our latest installment of the  was daunting!  We strom und gaskosten singlehaushalt had some top tossers from the North Shore, South Shore, the Cape, and even some interstate imports representing Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut.  

Three Rounds of Singles and Doubles Play

Each three-man team battled to earn points with a teammate as well as the opportunity to shine solo in singles play with the hope of making it into the final four.  The first two rounds played out in double-elimination tournaments with an abridged, single-elimination final round.  These mini-tournaments featured blowouts, upsets, and some sensational play!  With a maximum of 30 points up for grab, no team earned more than 15.  Translation - we do have some parity in New England Cornhole!  After tournament play, the following four teams advanced:

1.  Lance Madden/Pigeon/Sarge - 15 points

2.  Tim Grew/Charles Prew/Mike Ferreira - 13 points (won coin flip for 2nd seed)

3.  Em/Shorty/Butt (Rice Baggers) - 13 points

4.  Freddie Schulz/Mike Ryan/Joe Regan - 10 points

Semifinals and Finals

It was all singles in the semifinals and finals; each team needed two wins to advance.  As expected, the 2 vs 3 seed matchup was very competitive.  While Grew eased past Em, MFer and Charlie were in tight matches against Butt and Shorty respectively.  Those latter two matches were highly competitive and some must see cornhole!  Charlie got past Shorty and MFer squeaked it out against Butt for the sweep, but it very easily could have gone the other way.  Prior to the other semifinal, Mike Ryan was overheard giving a very passionate.  While he fell to Pigeon in his match, Joe Regan got past Lance and Freddie closed out the upset with a victory over Sarge.

While the semifinals were dramatic, the  was over in a blink of an eye.  Perhaps a letdown following the upset, the four seed did not put up much of a fight as Grew punctuated the final sweep with a walk-off four-bagger!  Sarge, Pigeon, and Lance captured the bronze medal by beating the Rice Baggers.

And after seven hours of cornhole, here is your podium...

1.  Tim Grew/Charles Prew/Mike Ferreira

2.  Freddie Schulz/Mike Ryan/Joe Regan

3.  Lance Madden/Pigeon/Sarge

Parting Shots

This was a big day for Boston Cornhole and I am humbled by the turnout on short notice.  For me, it does not matter who wins or where you are from.  We have good players in Massachusetts and beyond, but rarely do we see them all in the same place.  But, on this day we did and I hope to see similar battles in the future.  Until then....au revoir!

posted Feb 16, 2018, 7:31 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 7:32 AM ]

President's Day Weekend Triple Threat Challenge on Sunday, 2/18

Wow, we are pleasantly surprised by the interest in our pop-up scheduled for this Sunday.  Humbling to have players from every New England state except Vermont (have they joined Canada yet?) traveling to toss bags with us.  Hopefully this is a first step to establishing a series of events for competitive players in cooperation with the area's top cornhole groups.  I hope everyone got all the lovey dovey stuff out of their system on Wednesday because if you show up soft on Sunday, the competition will punish you!  Lots of questions to be answered...are GPC half as good as they think they are?  Is Pigeon really an underdog in the room he plays in every week?  How good are players from Connecticut and Maine?  WTF does Skull It mean?  This tournament should provide some answers and probably raise some more questions!

Being at capacity is great, but it does come with some challenges.  Time management may become an issue as the Knights of Columbus needs us to finish by 6 PM.  Please see below for some amendments and things to know heading into Sunday.

  • Snow is in the forecast for Saturday night.  Unlucky!  It should stop by day break, but please plan accordingly and give yourself enough time to be ready for a 12 PM start.
  • This tournament will have a Bring Your Own Bags (BYOB) option.  I am embracing the bag snob culture and approved bags will be permitted.  Please, no corn bags.
  • Each of the three rounds will be double-elimination.  BUT, first place points will be awarded to the winner of the winner's bracket; there will not be an opportunity to double-dip.  This amendment will limit idle time and help us stay within our time constraints.
  • To the extent possible, we will look to start the next round as the previous one finishes (3rd & 4th place matches / 2nd & 3rd place matches)
  • If we are running tight on time, the third round will be single-elimination.  We really hope to not have to take this approach.
  • Food options are limited and you are encouraged to bring your own lunch as it will be a long day.  We will also have pizzas delivered for $5/person.
  • All alcohol must be purchased from the Knights of Columbus.  If you play in our Wilmington League, then you may be used to member pricing; we will not have member pricing on Sunday.  But rest assured, they carry all the shitty brands (why is it so difficult for me to attract sponsors!?) that cornhole players like to drink; sorry Cathy!  Please note that it will be a long day, so drink responsibly and don't!
  • Please keep in mind that this is a friendly competition.  The Yellow Card / Red Card system will be in effect.  I reserve the right to assign cautions and expulsions if anyone is out of control or in the unlikely event that I am trailing in a match.

Once again, thank you for joining us, see you on Sunday, and have fun!

posted Jan 1, 2018, 6:12 AM by Boston Cornhole

The Super Six in the Wilmington K of C League

2017 has come to a close and so has the first season of the!  The league was a huge success and the shifted on the final night; that's the kind of drama we want!  League favorite, Pigeon, did live up to expectations, but Kevin Lowry closed quickly and finished less than a point from the title.  Competitive play, skilled players, and of course, luck of the draw were all factors in producing our top six!

1.  Pigeon

2.  Kevin Lowry

3.  Lance Madden

4.  Pat Collett

5.  Rich Queen

6.  Jim Nocella

Oh, and there was plenty of solid play and improvement from everyone in the league.  Darryl had a very strong night during the "Threesome Experience", Brendan's play has picked up, and I even witnessed Chris Smalley put some in the hole!  Trust me, playing with the best will make you better!

Season 2

We plan to start the second season on Thursday, January 18th and continue for seven weeks.  I still need confirmation from the Knights of Columbus, but let's pencil it in!  We have a winning formula so much will stay the same, but there is always room for improvement!  Please note the following changes:

Removal of $5 Option - With pizza now being provided by the K of C, it will be $10/night to play for everyone and everyone earns league points.  There will still be the opening night offer of $50 for all seven weeks.

Response to Feedback - The critique I have heard most is that we had repeat partners too often.  Unfortunately, a random draw is one of the few things that is tough to fix and in my opinion, there is no truly fair way to alter this.  However, one week (Week 3), we will go with an A/B format to pair those at the top of the table with those in the lower half.  Spoiler Alert:  this usually benefits strong B players the most.  The best way to prevent repeat partners is to have more players to draw from.  Tell your friends and UPS drivers that tossers are wanted!

A little less Vanilla - In the first season, I only threw one curveball at you and it came as a shock to many.  In Season 2, don't always expect the high hard one, even if that is your preference!  We may also add more variety to the skills challenge each week.  To lessen the surprise factor, check out the tentative schedule below.

Tentative Schedule - subject to change

Week 1:  January 18th - Opening Night Blind Draw

Week 2:  January 25th - Blind Draw

Week 3:  February 1st - A/B Blind Draw - Players with tournament and skills challenge podium points will be considered A players and not permitted to play with other A players.  Everyone else is a B player.  Note, B players may still get paired with other B players.  I will do my best to ensure a fair draw.

Week 4:  February 8th - Singles Night - Comb your hair and brush your teeth because tonight you are playing with your self!  You will still draw for a partner.  Each partner plays in a separate singles tournament all determined by luck of the draw.  Your combined results from each tournament will factor into the awarding of league points.

Week 5:  February 15th - Skinny Night - If you are over 200 lbs, you cannot play.  Just kidding!  On this night we will host a blind draw to be played exclusively on skinny boards!

Week 6:  February 22nd - The Threesome - Resurrected from Season 1, the blind draw will form teams of three.  Two team members will play doubles and the other will play singles.  Who plays what is determined by the draw.  The combined results of the doubles and singles tournaments will determine league points.

Week 7:  March 1st - Championship Blind Draw

posted Dec 31, 2017, 8:33 AM by Boston Cornhole

2017 Boston Cornhole Player of the Year

He may not be as good as he thinks he is, but confidence is no reason to penalize anyone; especially someone who has a 2017 resume like our Player of the Year, Tim Grew.  With both ACO and ACL tournaments now in New England, there are more opportunities to play competitive singles.  Tim has not only played in these events, but he usually wins them and is ALWAYS looking to compete.  At the, Tim finished a close second to a former POY.  In doubles, he partnered with last year's POY for one of the.  ACO New England Doubles Champion, part of the Team of the Year, Player of the Year...and a first time father.  Congrats on an amazing year!

Honorable Mention

Pigeon - Let's face it, the Phenom could win this title every year.  The former POY won the singles division at the ACO New England Championships and would still be considered the favorite in just about any tournament he enters.  Over the past two months in Wilmington, he has shown that he is a tough out with any partner.

Charles Prew - Last year's POY had another great year.  He also had ACO and ACL regional victories and once again won the Ocean State Cornhole League.  Very impressive, but this year he gives way to his cornhole BFF.

Mike Ferreira - In Owensboro, Kentucky, MFer was on a mission to prove that he could compete with the nation's best and he fared pretty well.  Back home, MFer is the guy nobody wants to play unless it is in the finals.  The game is there, the only thing missing for Mike are the wins.  I think that changes in 2018!

Kevin Lowry - Just kidding.  Hey, I am still sour that I didn't even make it on to Lowry's List earlier in the year.  Seriously, Kevin is playing very well and when he is on, he's on!  He also has some innovative ideas to push this game forward.  Keep tossing!

posted Dec 30, 2017, 7:57 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 30, 2017, 7:59 AM ]

Charles Prew and Tim Grew compose the 2017 Team of the Year

You can't make these guys choke!

New England Champs

They bring the heat!

posted Dec 30, 2017, 6:19 AM by Boston Cornhole

The 2017 ACO New England Championships is the tournament of the year!

Big performances on the big stage!

posted Dec 29, 2017, 10:00 AM by Boston Cornhole

Au revoir...

RIP Danny Talbot

Massachusetts is Titletown!

Missing you Jim!

posted Dec 11, 2017, 8:21 AM by Boston Cornhole

The 2nd win for both these guys!

The called asking how our title race can be so damn close at the midpoint of the season and theirs which ends in May appears to already be a foregone conclusion.  I had hoped that the championship would come down to the final night; however, glancing at the, the coronation may depend on the final toss!  With three weeks to play, we have a new leader and the top three are separated by a mere 0.15 of a point.  And with Kevin Lowry having a tournament in hand, things are actually a little tighter at the top than they appear.  Speaking of Lowry, kudos for introducing the football squares meets craps version of the 4-Bagger challenge.  It's innovative and I like that!

So how did the top of our table get so crowded?  This, luck or unluck of the draw depending on your perspective, paired several of our league leaders.  For the second consecutive week, Rich Queen and Pat Collett lined up across from each other.  But, this time, they had to settle for second and Pat did not leave behind his "Fart T-Shirt" (yes, these are my players).  Just behind them, Derek and Pigeon landed on the third place perch.  And your winners...Lance Madden and Kevin Lowry!

The skills challenge featured some new faces on the podium with Jim Nocella taking top honors followed by Derek Fraioli.  Lance added a familiar name to the list by finishing third.

I am very pleased with the league thus far and apparently I am not the only one.  The Knights of Columbus have informed me that they love hosting us and will provide FREE pizza next week!  Oh, and it's about that time we start talking about Season 2...

posted Dec 6, 2017, 11:55 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 6, 2017, 4:47 PM ]

Week 3 of 7 is in the books in Wilmington!

One of my favorite things about blind draw is watching partners square off against each other.  And with my 0-2 record last Thursday, I had plenty of time to sit back and watch.  If you are familiar with cornhole north of Boston, then you may know that Pat and the General are sort of a thing.  But, on this, the friends turned temporary foes were on teams (Pat Collett & Rich Queen vs. The General & Jim Nocella) that battled it out for the top position.  Down to his last toss, Pat swept in two bags (his eyes may have been closed) to force a rubber match and eventually complete the double dip!  With the victory, Rich and Pat join Pigeon with having a 1st and 2nd place finish on the resume after three weeks.  As expected, this has also tightened things up at the top of the.  The General and Jim also climb a few rungs with some solid play.  Rounding out the top three were Joe Sac and Nasi.

You don't need to be a league member to play...or have an impact!

After we drew for teams, I had Lowry as the walker, Lance and Phil, and Derek and Evanda pegged as the favorites.  But with a blink of an eye, I saw Evanda and Derek playing with by themselves, Phil and Lance exiting stage left, and Lowry lamenting a missed opportunity of playing solo.  All were shown the door by league newcomer Joe Sac paired with the strong play of non-leaguer, Nasi from Custom Cornhole Company!  Blasphemy?  Absolutely not!  The beauty of our format is that we welcome all comers on any given night!

Skills Challenge

We had our first tie in the skills challenge with both Kevin Lowry and Pigeon tallying a score of 41 earning each five points.  Dan Madden was third with a score of 30 which was good enough for two points*.

We hit the midway mark this week.  Come see us in Wilmington!

*You still need to show me more to earn a Board Klownz T-Shirt.

posted Nov 28, 2017, 7:53 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Nov 28, 2017, 7:54 AM ]

Smiles and 5 Points for these guys!

Last Thursday was all about the turkey.  The week before that Lance and yours truly were barely able to pardon Pigeon and Pat from the winner's circle.  And Lance was not the only Madden to find the podium as cousin Dan teamed with Derek to round out the top three.  Luckily for the rest of you, the third Madden was MIA...Dare I say that Lance was the top dog of the family!?  Some of you cornhole OGs might remember the last time the blog started a family feud, so let's just chalk this up to Lance having the biggest safety net anyone could ask for standing 27 feet across from him!  In the skills challenge, Rich Queen was king of the skinny boards and airmail box keeping himself punching a tad above his weight on the.

After two weeks, I am pretty excited about the league.  And no, it's not because I have a victory under my belt.  If you know me, then you know that I have never cared about finishing first and I am certainly not going to start now.  However, these trends are encouraging:

  • We are welcoming new faces each week!
  • A tournament podium finish will affect the as will a no-show, so keep coming each and every week!
  • As stated on opening night, as long as the top players play each week, they will still have an advantage, even with a blind draw format.  If the standings surprise you, then you also may be disappointed to learn that the world is not flat!

So what is the next chapter of the?  Come play Thursday and help write it!  To be honest, I really do not want to be using fowl language each week to recap the winners.  Bring your A game and land on the homepage!

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