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Yacht Chartering in Greece The idea of ocean sailing has for a long time been associated with large marine ships or ocean liners. However the same sailing experience can be achieved by using other means of transport available other than ships. The main vessel that comes into mind as a good and luxurious replacement to ship sailing is the yacht. Yacht sailing has become a common experience in many countries that are not landlocked. Greece is one of such countries that have taken up yachts as a convenient means of transport. A privately owned yacht can be very expensive to procure. This is why chartering of yachts has become not only preferable but necessary. It enables people who may not afford to buy a yacht to enjoy a yacht cruising experience at affordable rates. Yacht chartering services have increased considerably in many countries case in point being Greece. Packaging of products offered by yacht chartering companies is usually different from one company to another in a bid to stay ahead in the competitive market. Why should one go for chartering and what are the steps to be followed to achieve it? The most chartered yachts in Greece are usually chartered for recreational services. Yacht sailing offers a very enjoyable vocational experience especially after a long duration of work in cities like Manila. Corporates have however started hiring yachts for corporate events for staff members that may include team building. Recreation is however more popular than corporate use in yachting.
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Chartering companies within Greece offer two different types of charters. The bare boat charter is the first type. In this type of charter, a yacht or boat is rented out and the person chartering it gets authority to personally steer it. This can also be accomplished by a group of people who may pull resources and hire a yacht for a combined experience. For this type of charter, it is vital that many companies offer basic steering training to the person to which the yacht has been hired.
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Crewed charters form the second type of charters in Greece. As the name suggests, crewed charters involve hiring the boat and getting the crew as well. The crew in this case includes a captain, stewardesses, chef and engineers. This charter is ideal for corporate entities that do not want to be involved in steering the yacht but just have fun. In most instances, crew charters are usually more expensive than bare boat charters. Yachts in Greece are usually high end and well designed to serve all interests of potential clients. There are different sizes of yachts in Greece, allowing for large and small groups of people to enjoy the sailing services. Yachts sailing from Greece could reach countries like France, Italy and the Caribbean.